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General resources

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Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding


Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin

Written by America's most respected midwife, this book aims to demystify labour and birth, and give women confidence in their own bodies and in the birthing process. The book looks at what really happens during labour, how to create a safe, comfortable environment for birth in any setting, tips for maximising your chances of an unmedicated labour and birth, and the risks of anaesthesia and caesareans.

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering - Sarah Buckley

Australian doctor and mother-of-four, Sarah Buckley takes an evidence-based approach to birth and parenting topics, as well as sharing stories of her own birth experiences.

Birthing from Within - Pam England

In Birthing from Within, husband and wife team Pam England and Rob Horowitz look at childbirth as a rite of passage in a woman's life, when she has to call on all her internal resources and strengths to birth her baby. Rather than looking at birth 'from the outside' and from a rational point of view, this book explores how women can birth 'from within', following intuition and instinct. Includes techniques for coping with labour pain. 


Web resources

The website Babycentre is an amazingly comprehensive resource for what to expect during pregnancy, birth and the first years of your child's life.

The US National Partnership for Women and Families has made available a wonderful resource, Comfort in Labor, from US perinatal physiotherapist Penny Simkin. This free pdf explains a variety of ways to help yourself in labour, and have a satisfying birth experience. Information on positions, how partner can help and other comfort techniques.

The website Kelly Mom provides evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep issues and parenting. Clear, well-written website with great information on the mechanics of breastfeeding and great advice on some common problems - this doesn't replace getting face-to-face help from a midwife or lactation consultant, but is a great asset for background reading.

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Baby and child development

The Wonder WeeksHetty Vanderijt and Frans Plooij

Based on their research into baby development, these Dutch academics have identified the eight major developmental stages that babies go through in their first 14 months. As well as telling you when to expect these 'leaps', and what may be going on in your baby's mind and body, Venderijt and Plooij also give tips for how to help your baby through these seemingly fussy periods, and how to encourage your baby's development.

Why Love Matters - Sue Gerhardt

Sue Gerhardt interprets the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis and biochemistry to explore how a baby's earliest relationships are the keystone to how its nervous system develops, and how this impacts future emotional well-being. A very informative book that will confirm what most parents already know - that love and affection are hugely important to our children's development. Note: not a book for dipping into!

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Parenting and parenthood 

Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

Rather than attempting to minimise the differences between the sexes, Steve Biddulph explores why boys are different, and need to be parented in a different way to girls. He looks at the various stages of boyhood and gives parents practical tips on how to raise happy, confident and kind young men.

Steve Biddulph also wrote Raising Girls.

Buddhism for Mothers - Sarah Napthali

With the tag line of 'a calm approach to caring for yourself and your children', this book focuses on how mothers need to nurture themselves if they are to provide their children with a calm environment with a minimum of anger, shouting and negative thoughts. Sarah Napthali's pragmatic approach offers practical tips for the day-to-day challenges of parenthood, and for reflection on who we are as mothers and what makes us happy.

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Growing up with two languages - Una Cunningham

A good introduction to the issue of bring up children with more than one language. It looks at a range of topics such as advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism, family language systems, possible reactions from the child and issues with cultural references. Rather than laying down specific rules, this book helps you explore the challenges and benefits bilingualism may raise in your family.

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Local books, blogs and websites


The Brussels Baby Book - Nina Peacock has written a practical guide for expats having a baby in Brussels. Available at Waterstones, Filigranes, Cook n' Book, Sterling Books and Boobs n' Burps


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