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Getting pregnant

Planning for your first baby, or for a new addition to your family, can be an exciting time.

For some women/couples, getting pregnant happens quickly and easily, while for others it may take longer or require medical assistance:

      • Getting pregnant naturally

        While this part of your journey may be similar wherever in the world you’re trying to conceive, this section answers some questions you might have about trying to conceive a baby in Belgium.

      • Having trouble conceiving?

        For various reasons, more and more women/couples have trouble conceiving naturally. This section looks at how the Belgian system responds, and gives plenty of ideas on where to turn for information, tests, treatment and support.

remember ...

the village does not offer medical advice - for that you need to ask your care provider.

Find a midwife?

Wondering what an independent midwife can do for you? And how you can find one?
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