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Why come to a prenatal course?

You're expecting a baby and you'd like to understand more about labour and birth and prepare for life with your new baby. Where can you come for personal support and to explore and discuss what matters to you?

Prenatal courses, such as those run by the BCT and Antenatal & Baby, give you the chance to get quality information, one-to-one support and to meet other parents expecting a baby around the same time as you. 

Whilst attending a prenatal course may not affect perceptions of labour pain or the rates of straightforward birth, studies show that they do improve satisfaction with the birth experience (McMillan, Barlow & Redshaw, 2009).

Prenatal courses focus on providing you not only with evidenced-based information but also with the skills you need to make your own decisions about labour and birth - decision-making skills that will serve you well throughout parenting.

They also allow you to explore the practical and emotional aspects of giving birth and becoming parents that are most relevant to you. Partners are involved throughout the course, and discover ways to support mums-to-be and to recognise and address their own needs.

Many people attending English-language prenatal courses are also expats, so they understand what it's like being far from home at such a special time in their lives. And the small group sizes give you the chance to develop a support and friendship network that can last long after the course finishes.




McMillan, Barlow & Redshaw (2009) A Review of the Evidence about Antenatal Education

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