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Find a physiotherapist

Winni Liberg - prenatal physio classIn Belgium, physiotherapists often play a considerable role during pregnancy, labour and birth, and for post-natal recovery.

While you are free to choose any perinatal physiotherapist, in order to be partially reimbursed from your mutuelle / ziekenfonds for prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, you will need to have a prescription from your gynaecologist/midwife, which you'll usually receive about half way through your pregnancy. 

Some perinatal physiotherapists offer group classes, which can be a nice way to meet other mums having a baby around the same time as you. 

Ask your doctor for recommendations, especially if you consider having your physiotherapist present at the birth. You can also get recommendations and personal experiences from members of Facebook groups such as the 'English Speaking Mums in Brussels, Belgium' group (closed group but accessible to all) or the 'BCT - Brussels Childbirth Trust' group (only open to BCT members).

You can also find perinatal physiotherapists via the website (in French and Dutch). Even if you do not speak French/Dutch, just enter your location, the radius in which you are looking, and click 'Chercher'. PN / Kinésitherapie périnatale = perinatal physiotherapy; PR / Rééduction pelvienne = pelvic re-education.


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the village does not offer medical advice - for that you need to ask your care provider.

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