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Allowances, bonuses and other benefits

Allowances and bonusesHaving a baby can be an expensive business, which is why it's well worth figuring out how to take advantage of the various allowances, bonuses and other benefits you may be entitled to. 

In this section you can find out more about:

    • birth allowance ('prime de naissance' / 'kraamgeld') - one-off payment of over €1200 per child born, paid by the family allowance agency

    • adoption allowance ('prime d'adoption' / 'adoptiepremie) - one-off payment of over €1200 per child adopted, paid by the family allowance agency

    • bonuses from your mutuelle - including birth/adoption bonus (‘allocation de naissance' or 'allocation d'adoption’ / 'geboortevergoeding' or 'adoptievergoeding') - a one-off payment of around €300 per child from your mutuelle - and a breastfeeding bonus from some mutuelles

    • family allowance ('allocations familiales' / 'kinderbijslag') - monthly government payments per child

    • free domestic help before and after the birth or after adoption


Self-employed mother?

Did you know that you're entitled to over €900 of 'titres services' / 'dienstencheques' for the birth or adoption of your baby? Read more!

Information sessions

Interested in attending an information session about having a baby in Belgium, where you can meet other soon-to-be parents, ask questions, share information and discuss options?  Read more ...

Family support

Join the BCT

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